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Meet The Trainer

Ross Hickman is an integrative psychotherapist working with singles and couples with a background in teaching adults.

He has a real heart for those who are hurting and struggling with life issues whether as an individual or in relationship with others.


Ross deals with a wide range of common client presentations and his previous pastoral history enables him to work with a broad array of faith dilemmas.


He is experienced in working with porn and sex addiction as well as having an interest in helping those who work in the emergency services, were sent to boarding school and those affected by damaging relationships.

Saturday 21st July, 2018 10am-1pm  £35

An introductory session for those interested in find out more about our 77 hour 'Working with Couples' Course. The short session will provide a chance to meet the tutors, get an idea of the approaches and theories used on the course, and practice some skills.

“ . . . couple therapy is about teaching a pair of human beings, joined by many bonds, some weak and some strong, how to live authentically with one another – from their hearts and bodies, from their longings and laughter. In return, we are rewarded with their revealed beauty”.

Joseph Zinker and Sonia Nevis

How to be connected with another person and maintain your own self is one of the most complex human dilemmas shared by the human race from birth to death.


It is a delicate balance between being an individual and at the same time being part of a relationship, and is often fraught with tension and difficulties, yet when it works well; it can be one of the most profound experiences.

To function well in a relationship we need to manage issues around many things


  • Boundaries,

  • Power

  • Autonomy

  • Phenomenology (how individuals make meaning)

  • Cultural introjects

  • Gender bias 

  • Communication differences

  • Ethnicity 

  • Faith

  • Education

  • Socio-economic status

To name but a few! We need to understand how we are different, and also how we differ in dealing with difference.

It’s this latter part that generally creates most tension.
We see difference as dangerous – a threat to our autonomy, criticism, attack, betrayal – and thus try to eradicate it. 
Either by becoming like the other (fusion), or trying to make the other the same as us (conflict).
Yet in reality, contact and connection can only authentically occur through difference.
This seminar will introduce you to ideas about tracking and modulating the process of contact / connection / separation / withdrawal. 
Using isolation as one polarity and confluence at the other. The model integrates many approaches and disciplines, including from Gestalt, TA, and some systems theory.

This introductory seminar is aimed at qualified counsellors who are interested in developing couples counselling in private practice.


Robust couples training can be expensive, it's a big investment if you are not sure about venturing into this area of work.


We have designed this seminar to give an introduction to couples work at a reasonable cost. 

New Dawn Counselling Centre

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