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Meet The Trainer

Saturday 10th March, 2018 10am-1pm £35

Lesley Padley (MBACP) is a humanistic integrative therapist working at New Dawn counselling centre. 

Lesley qualified in January 2016 and established herself in private practice later that year. Adding New Dawn's marketing to her portfolio in early 2017, with a redesign of their website.

Lesley brings an experienced beginners perspective to the crazy and overwhelming world of marketing your private practice.

This half day workshop will help you start to get your sea legs when sailing the treacherous time and confidence sucking seas of 'marketing your private practice'. 

Activities will include

  • Identifying your ideal client (and 'anyone' doesn't count, I tried that)

  • The 'pedalo' of website building

  • The 'rowing boat' of social media

  • The treasure map of a resources to go and find private practice gold

This will be an engaging 3 hour session to build your confidence as you start out in private practice, or if you have been in private practice for a while but don't feel like to have a clue how to market yourself. 

Refreshments will be provided (no rum though).

Self promotion isn't a skill that comes easily to most counsellors. This is not a line of work that you enter for fame and fortune, generally speaking. Most counsellors I have spoken to are nervous at best (terrified at worst) of putting themselves out there. We all know somehow that it has to be done, but where do you start?

Who Is your Ideal Client?

My initial answer to this was incredulity. Surely, narrowing down who my clients were, when I had no clients was ridiculous. In the session we will discuss why this is a good idea, and we will start to help you identify who this mysterious client is.

The Pedalo of Website Building

Okay so I like an analogy. Anyone can power a pedallo, and anyone can build a website. It may feel like you need to have a huge sleek cruise ship, but who knows how to sail one of those things!! How do you even get in the door? 

With a pedallo, you step in, sit down and start to pedal, oh! and steer. Websites can cost a fortune, but they don't have too. We will look at a few options to get started on your website. It won't be comprehensive, but it should be enough to get you in the seat - then you've got to start pedalling. 

The Rowing Boat Of Social Media

Another slightly more accessible sailing metaphor. Rowing boats, are a bit tricky, they work different muscles, it can feel like you've been rowing for hours, but you haven't actually gone anywhere.


Using the information you have built up already in the session, we will finish by looking at how to best use social media, so you don't get lost in this particular bermuda triangle. There are so many platforms to choose from now, it is really easy to feel like you are drowning.  Hours of your precious time can be wasted, without much to show for it. I have learned a few painful lessons in this triangle - let me share them with you.

Treasure Map

And finally, you will be sent home with a list of treasured resources that I have gathered over the last couple of years. Websites, online groups, free strategy planners and amazing advice all equipping you to move on from this initial dalliance with marketing to make your private practice a success. 

New Dawn Counselling Centre

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