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Corona Virus Response

Changes At The Centre

The purpose of writing this response is to ensure we do what we can at New Dawn Counselling Centre to reduce the likelihood of spreading infection and that both staff and clients are protected and supported as much as reasonably possible. 

We will,

  1. Publish coronavirus advice and display in reception and on doors in the centre. 

  2. Ensure handwashing facilities are maintained on both floors of NDCC.

  3. Politely encourage visitors to wash their hands before sessions start. This is particularly important for those involved using creative materials, toys etc.

  4. Those who work in the centre are encouraged to wash their hands when they first arrive, and maintain a hand cleaning regime whilst in the building. Paper towels will be provided.

  5. Staff and external counsellors are asked to wipe room door handles, the arms of chairs (Wooden), light switches, work tops, tables and hand rails / bannister regularly throughout the day.

Your Counselling

In the case of Counsellors or Clients becoming ill with suspected coronavirus, or having to self isolate


  • Please follow the government / NHS advice through the national 111 service.

  • Counsellors should inform the centre and contact their clients with a reasonable amount of warning

  • We politely request that clients advise their counsellors as soon as possible so alternate means of support can be arranged.

  • Please do not come into the centre if you have the following signs of coronavirus.

A cough

A high temperature

Shortness of breath

New Dawn Counselling Centre

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