Payment and Donations 


Paying for your counselling work is an important part of your commitment to the process. By investing your money in your own wellbeing, you are valuing yourself.


Initial Assessment Costs  (1 hour)

Individual - £35

Couples - £42

Individual Counselling Costs (50 mins-1 hour)

Between £30 and £50 per session, depending on the counsellor.

Couples Counselling Costs (1 hour)

£40-60, depending on the counsellor 

If you are struggling to afford counselling, please discuss this with your counsellor as some concessions may be available. There are also some options below which may help.


Operating as a CIC, New Dawn has a bursary system in place. The maximum amount for a client is £15 contribution towards their session cost for 12 sessions, or £180 per person which can be used on more or less sessions. The Bursary is limited to one application per client and is sourced from specific donations, this often means availability is limited. Applications for bursary funding are made through your New Dawn counsellor.  Find out about donating to the bursary fund at the bottom of this page.


Financial support for counselling may also be provided by other third parties, for example employers, church fellowship, family or friends. If you would like to support a specific client through their counselling process, please click the sponsorship application form button below to download a copy of the agreement. This can be completed, scanned and returned to us at our email address. If you have any questions or concerns about sponsoring a client - please contact us directly, we will be happy to help.


New Dawn is a community interest company, so any profit the centre makes goes into the bursary fund to enable clients who are not as financially able, to continue receiving support. We also accept donations for the general running of the centre. Perhaps you have benefitted from New Dawn's support in the past and would like to contribute, or donate to the bursary to help others. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation to New Dawn.

New Dawn Counselling Centre

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