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Paying for your counselling work is an important part of your commitment to the process. By investing your money in your own wellbeing, you are valuing yourself.


Initial Assessment Costs  (1 hour)

Individual - £38

Couples - £45

Individual Counselling Costs (50 mins-1 hour)

£35 per session for working with a placement counsellor

Between £40 and £55 per session for working with a qualified counsellor

Couples Counselling Costs (1 hour)

£45-60, depending on which counsellor you work with


If you are struggling to afford the full costs of counselling, please discuss this with your counsellor as some concessions may be available. There are also some options which may help. Click below to find out more.

New Dawn Counselling Centre

​Contact Us: 0115  9170500​
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