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Individual Counselling

​Counselling can come in many different forms. Sometimes it is meeting in a quiet room to talk about your thoughts or feelings. Sometimes you can’t talk and you just need to cry with someone without being interrupted or asked to stop. Sometimes the words aren't there, so we support you use different methods of expression, drawing, writing. Sometimes it's screaming and punching or kicking a cushion, or tearing something up.  


There are however, some things that will always be present, 

Confidentiality and Safety - What you share with your counsellor, stays within the bounds of our confidentiality agreement. New Dawn has very high confidentiality standards which will be explained thoroughly before we start to work together. All counsellors at New Dawn are registered with a governing body that sets an ethics standard. Read more about this here.

Non-judgemental Atmosphere - Counsellors are not there to tell you if you are right or wrong, we are here help you explore your feelings - to help you look at your emotional responses to an uncomfortable or painful situations and support you as you explore where that response is coming from, and how it feels; to connect the dots of your different experiences and responses and see what picture we find together, to help you become more aware of the emotional atmosphere you are surrounded by everyday and how you respond to it. Then, if you want, we can support you to work on making changes in your life.

Honesty - We will be truthful with you about our relationship, about what we see and hear when we are with you, and what we experience when we are with you, whilst keeping the focus on how you are feeling. Our counsellors aim to build trust with you,  so that you can talk openly and explore your emotions and thoughts in an environment that feels safe.

Respect and Appreciation of You - You are an amazing human being, you have value and we will encourage you to see this side of yourself in our sessions, by valuing the way you see the world and walking beside you as you explore it. By celebrating your successes and acknowledging your reality. Sometimes this can be hard to hear, many of us shy away from compliments but that doesn't mean they aren't true. We believe everyone is unique and precious. 


Costs and Booking

Appointments are available at various times Monday to Thursday. From 9.00 am until 7.30 pm (last session finishing at 8.30 pm). On Fridays we are open 9.00 am to 3 pm.


Your first session will be an assessment to discuss your needs.

The charge for individual assessment is £38.

The price of a single counselling session varies from £35.00 to £55.00 depending on which counsellor you see. Concessions may be negotiated with your counsellor.


Our counsellors sometimes offer concessions to people who cannot afford to pay the full fee. 


New Dawn’s bursary fund may also provide financial assistance to help people pay for counselling with us. 


As a community interest company any profit we make is put back into our bursary to help people receive counselling when they need it most.

New Dawn Counselling Centre

​Contact Us: 0115  9170500​
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