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Counselling Services

Costs and Booking

Appointments are available at various times Monday to Thursday. From 9.30 am until 8pm (last session finishing at 9pm). We are open until 4pm on Friday.


Your first session will be an assessment to discuss your needs.

The charge for assessments is £38 for an individual and £45 for a couple.

The price of a single counselling session varies from £30.00 to £50.00 depending on which counsellor you see.

About Counselling


Because there are many different types of counselling on offer these days it can be confusing deciding what is right for you. This brief overview is intended to provide some information about counselling, the different types of counselling available and what we offer at New Dawn.

Counselling is not about giving advice or telling you how to solve your problems. Counselling is about a supportive, trust-based relationship where you and your counsellor can talk openly about yourself and your difficulties. People often come for counselling when they are in emotional pain or when something hard to deal with has happened in their life and they can’t find a way through it on their own.


Some feelings and experiences can be hard to face or talk about and counsellors sometimes use creative ways other than talking to help you share in an easier way. Counselling is ultimately about finding a way to feeling better or functioning better in your life. You and your counsellor will discuss your specific goals or hopes for your counselling and usually sign a contract that sets out the terms and conditions of your work together.

Approaches or types of counselling


Counselling can be short (6 to 16 sessions) and focused on specific issues or longer (months or years) and involve more in-depth work addressing multiple aspects of your experience.


Sometimes counselling is specialised to help with issues like addiction, gambling or certain mental health conditions. Counsellors may also have specific additional training to work with children or couples. Having an initial assessment can help you to become clear on what your difficulties are and what type of counselling would help. 

Some of the different approaches to counselling you may commonly encounter are Humanistic, Psychodynamic and Behavioural. Each approach is based on different assumptions or beliefs about how people’s difficulties arise and about how best to help deal with them. Some counsellors use more than one approach so it is always useful to ask a few questions before you decide what is best for you.


Our counsellors sometimes offer concessions to people who cannot afford to pay the full fee. 


New Dawn’s bursary fund may also provide financial assistance to help people pay for counselling with us. 


As a community interest company any profit we make is put back into our bursary to help people receive counselling when they need it most.

Counselling at New Dawn


New Dawn offers counselling to individual adults, couples, children and young people. Our counsellors are trained in a variety of approaches each with particular expertise and knowledge. 

When you make contact with us for counselling you will be offered a 60-minute assessment for an initial discussion about your needs and difficulties. Our assessors will match you with a counsellor who is experienced to help you.


The counsellor is then given your details so they can contact you directly and make arrangements to meet you for your first counselling session.


It is important that you feel you can relate to your counsellor and that they are the right counsellor for you. Our assessors can continue to support you to find the right counsellor. 

You will be expected to pay New Dawn for your assessment and then make individual arrangements to pay your counsellor once you begin counselling. 

Professional membership and ethical practice
New Dawn is affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC) and all our counsellors adhere to the ACC Code of Ethics in addition to any ethical codes of professional organisations to which they belong. Most of our counsellors are individually members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). All our counsellors, students and volunteers undergo DBS checks on a regular basis.

Ethical Practice

New Dawn Counselling Centre

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