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Research Projects

What Is the Clients Experience of Being Physically Held in A Relational Developmental Therapy?

Have You experienced this process?

Are you a female client who has been in a therapeutic relationship with a female therapist for a minimum of 2 years?

I am an integrative psychotherapy trainee at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI), conducting a Qualitative Heuristic Research Inquiry for my Masters dissertation into the 'Client's Experience of Physical Holding'.

I will be gathering information through taped interviews lasting approximately 1 hour. 

I adhere to the SPTI and UKCP Code of Ethics.

If you are a Humanistic or Integrative Psychotherapy trainee at any stage in your training, and are in receipt of person therapy, or a qualified practitioner and you have experience of this process, then I would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are interested in becoming a participant or require further information, please do get in touch.

Rachel Ninnis

Telephone 07846 913440


New Dawn Counselling Centre

​Contact Us: 0115  9170500​
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