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'Working With Couples' Testimonials

Kate, Learner-17/18

I'm really glad I chose this course over some of the other ones available, the content and amount of material covered make me wonder if it's possible to teach this subject over a shorter time period

Student Feedback

Over 60% of 2017/18 learners stated they were planning to begin couple work before the end of the course

Julia, Learner-17/18

The course is good value for money and very informative. it combines regular practice sessions with new skills and experiences, enabling us to put what we learnt into 'live' scenarios

Pauline, Learner-17/18

Having experienced male and female couples tutors is a huge selling point

Student Feedback 

100% of students stated they would recommend the 'Working With Couples' Course to other counsellors 

Marvet, Learner-17/18

Excellent value for money

Tas, Learner-17/18

I can't praise Lindsey and Ross enough,. What brilliant, fun and down to earth tutors to have -Thank You!

Lesley, Learner-17/18

I love that this course was local to me. I wouldn't be doing it if I had to go to London for training. So it has opened up the world of couples counselling to me.

Kerry, Learner-17/18

Throughout, the course has been facilitated in a robust a professional way. I have felt supported , encouraged and relaxed. It is a wonderful group of students and a lovely place to learn

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