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Steps To Better Mental Health

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Week 1 - 3 Million In May

Mid week update on how 3 Million in May 2020 is going.

In light of the challenges everyone is facing under corona virus restrictions, we thought we'd stick with a target of 3 Million steps this year. We love a challenge - but as a counselling centre, we value everyone's mental health and don't want to put anyone under additional pressure. Life is hard enough at the moment.

So, let's get to the number straight away. We have 20 steppers on our team this year. Hopefully we'll be filling you in on some of them over the course of this months blogs. We've taken 49,4469 steps in the first week, and we've raised £155 for the bursary.


If you'd like to support the team, you can donate to our just giving page by clicking on this picture.

Mental Health and Activity

This months blog theme is 'Activity' -which is obviously linked to our step challenge. Keeping our minds and bodies busy can help manage mental health difficulties, and provide sweet relief from troubling thought and feelings.

Physical activity's link to improving mental health, is well documented. Going for a run, taking a class, going for a walk, hitting the pool - all can provide a good hit of endorphins that help to left our mood when we are low. Building them into our regular activity, can genuinely help to manage anxiety and depression.

To be honest I'm not a big fan of the physical exercise. I don't like getting sweaty, or having to get changed more than twice in a day (out of my pyjamas and into my pyjamas again).

During the lockdown, in an attempt to get my kids moving and get a structured start to the day - I have begun to dabble with Joe Wick's, PE with Jo. To be honest, the first few weeks were rotten. It hurt, I got hot and sweaty and I had to change my clothes more!!

6 weeks into lockdown though, I can now agree with Jo and his wife (who's been leading it this week) I always feel better afterwards, no regrets. Who knows maybe I'll become a gym bunny (unlikely!!!!) but I'm definitely feeling the psychological benefit of exercise, and planning to try my best to keep it as a pat of my self care routine.

Other types of Activity

Sian will be posting a blog later this month about using writing to be active creatively - and how that can be a step to better mental health. That's why our 3MIM daily challenges aren't always about increasing steps, we want to take this opportunity to make suggestions to improve your mental health in lots of different ways. Sleep patterns, creativity, feeling like you have set a target and achieved it, no matter how big or small. Here are some suggestions we've made so far ( and a few cheeks spoilers for the rest of the month).

So why not join in with us? Just for yourself, you don't need to shout about it (but we'd love to hear from you on facebook, instagram or twitter if you want too) take some steps to improve your own mental health this month.

New Dawn Counselling Centre, is now offering online assessment and counselling, so you can access us from anywhere. Get in touch to arrange an assessment today by clicking the banner below.

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