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Steps To Better Mental Health

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Week 3-3 Million In May

It's #mentalhealthawarenessweek this week in the UK. The theme for this year is #kindness. Which is is a great activity to take part in any time of the day. In this weeks blog we have updates from our steppers on how they have been keeping their steps up, and looking after their mental health. some beautiful views, some interesting neighbours, and some action shots!!

This is a beautiful film that one of our steppers, Dave Holloway made of one of his family walks. Just watching it helps you take steps to better mental health, hearing the kids and the wind, the grass underfoot. Take a minute or two and watch it - you'll feel better.

We have already hit our initial fundraising target of £1000 - this is down to our supporters, steppers and their families donating to the Bursary fund. If you haven't donated yet - please do, just click on the picture below and you'll be whisked away to our Just Giving page.

The challenges this week have been varied, with a general theme of walking - although not exclusively. Animals as pets and neighbours, has been a bit of a theme this week.

We've had some more contenders for the mini stairs challenge!! Lesley is very relieved to now be on her own with this one anymore.

We've been crossing the generations this year, with lots of younger folks getting involved with the challenge this year. Big shout out (I know I sound old) to Elita and Abigail representing for the teenagers. And the littlest feet to have joined in so far, shown below.

We've had beautiful views and baking as well - check out our social media for a full run down and pics.

Most of all this week especially with the 'kindness' theme - we have been encouraging each other to #bekind and remembering our steps to better mental health. Be kind to yourself, get some fresh air, connect your brain and your body (use all your resources) and remember that ever step towards better mental health counts (plus we don't travel in a straight line)

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