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Steps To Better Mental Health

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Week 2 - 3 Million In May

Many more steps have been taken this week, our team has gained a few members, they're still being shy, but we really hope to do some introductions and thank you's before the challenge is over.

This week we have been running up and down stairs 5 times, going for walks with family members, reading, choosing our favourite tunes and a spot of gardening. Phew!

Just in as you're making a playlist, here were the suggestions from all the socials, we'll hopefully have some more to add to this next week.

One Nation Under a Groove - Funkadelik

Welcome To The Jungle - Guns and Roses

Footloose - Kenny Loggins

Maniac - Michael Sembello (Flashdance soundtrack)

This is Lesley the administrator for 3 Million In May, running up and down her stairs five times to increase her step count this week. This mini challenge will reappear later in the month for those who like to compete against themselves.

Getting your head and hands into gardening is a wonderful activity that can really help with mental health - whether its the heavy lifting of hard landscaping, or tending to the plants you have grown and nurtured from babies, or even from seeds. Tending too and nurturing others, can help us figure out how to nurture ourselves. If I can sit and pick greenfly off my little rose bush, how much more complex and wondrous am I as a human being, so do I deserve the same level of care. Watering and feeding your garden as an extension of yourself can be a very fulfilling experience.

Also can I recommend watching Gardeners World on BBC on a Friday evening, perfect chill out TV.

One of our team of steppers also sent us this picture of one of the wonderful views she gets on her daily walks to get her 10,000 steps a day. Connecting with Nature in any activity will always be a positive experience. If there aren't any bears where you live

Finally , no one has taken up the football challenge we set up this week - so if you fancy it, please make sure you video it and send it in to us.

Thanks for all your support. Remember you can donate on our just giving page. Click on the banner below and you will be whisked away as if by magic!!

New Dawn counselling centre is now working online during the corona virus crisis, continuing to provide high quality counselling at a reasonable price, with bursary support for those who may struggle to afford private counselling.

Click the banner below to make contact and arrange an online assessment at your convenience.

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